article Accepting the way we feel Neuroscience tells us that everything we resiste persists. The more I resist my stress, the more it persists.
article Gratitude is the attitude Give yourself a moment and feel the joy of simply being alive. Sit back and let your body relax. Time: 2 minutes
article Peace In, Peace Out About ten years ago, during a lunch, I asked my father what he thought of Peace in the World. His response was "nothing".
article The power of inner smile What if our inner smile changed our daily lives? Explanations by Aurélia Lanson-Villat.
article Take a break: 2 minutes, it's fantastic Observing our breathing guides to what is essential, take the time to pause. It will help you to feel better and have a clear mind
article Its benefits on our sexuality How about if meditation improved our sex life? This is the premise of Aurélia Lanson-Villat and the outcomes of her dialogue with the sexologist Carol Burte.
article 5 minutes in order to live your life fully In today’s culture, everyone keeps wanting more: a more prestigious job, a larger apartment, more recognition, more money, more shoes, to be thinner, richer etc.
article How to be less stressed at work 3 simple practices which neurosciences teach us. Happiness can be learnt. Like any sport, you can train to be increasingly happy. We inherited a brain that is the result of millions years of evolution, it would be a pity not to know how to use it.
article For a better version of ourselves Summer's here! Take time to meditate to discover new aspects of yourself.