Mindfulness Meditation

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION IS Not being caught up permanently by the endless flow
of our thoughts, our emotions, and our judgments.
Being aware of what is happening inside in us (thoughts, emotions, etc.)
and outside (sounds, smells, etc.), without judgment.
Being in the simple observation of what is, rather than identify with it.
Let the beauty of the present moment emerge.Be aware that by being projected into the future, or
dwelling on the past we miss the present moment, the only moment that really exists.
A time to be, not to do.Develop the ability to be fully present for ourselves, and for others.
30 YEARS OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON MEDITATION Reduces stress and anxiety, allows a better management of strong emotions,
develops self-confidence, fosters inner peace and well-being,
reinforces positive emotions, fights against depression,
increases attention and concentration,
Develops brainpower, lessens the pain, reduces
the risk of cardiovascular disease, stimulates the immune system,
reduces blood pressure, heals the skin, improves sleep, improves memory,
Improves its relations with others, develops sympathy, amongst other.
MEDITATION MAKES US REACH SERENITY It is neither religious nor mystical or mysterious. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, maintaining a gentle
but steady attention to breathing-in and breathing-out. Feel the calm that is permanently within you, in
the present moment.
Inner peace can be a workout. Meditation is this training of the mind. Practiced regularly, it enables us
to reach this inner peace.
We can meditate anywhere, anytime. No need for any ability. Mindfulness meditation allows us to be fully alive and present, for ourselves and for others.
Artworks: Carlos Cruz Diez. Curator: VĂ©ronique de Lavenne