article How to be less stressed at work 3 simple practices which neurosciences teach us. Happiness can be learnt. Like any sport, you can train to be increasingly happy. We inherited a brain that is the result of millions years of evolution, it would be a pity not to know how to use it.

Today we know that the brain is plastic, and that it changes depending on learning and experiences. With a sincere desire to feel better, combined with these three practices, well-being can increase quickly at work and in one's daily life.

1 / Start the day with 5 minutes of meditation

Whether you are an important businessman or woman, someone badly organized, and even a woman who just gave birth, believing that you do not have five minutes per day to meditate, and invest in your well-being, is a just a thought. To help you, download an application like I Qi-Timer and set 5 minutes * every morning upon awakening. If it can make things easier in the beginning, once awakened, sit cross-legged in bed and meditate. If after several days you stop, it doesn’t matter, do not waste your time feeling guilty, and start again.

2 / Put a word on what we’re feeling

You are stressed by the pressure you have to face, you are disappointed with the impact of your presentation, people who work with you are irritating, put a word on what you are feeling: Name your emotion! Studies conducted using MRI are clear: consciously acknowledge one's emotion reduces its impact. Try this exercise: while breathing in, mentally say to yourself: "I'm stressed" and while breathing out "it's ok to be stressed"; repeat this phrase in your mind as often as necessary, blending on your breathing. After a moment you will feel a kind of relief. You can repeat it on your way to an important appointment, coming out of a meeting that went wrong: "I am disappointed" / "it's ok to be disappointed."

3 / Gratitude

At night before you fall asleep, make a list in your mind of three things that made you happy during the day. This can be simple things like a ray of sunshine on your face, the pleasure of a hot shower, the smell of the first coffee of the day, etc. At first, it's not always easy to find three things, in any case, try this exercise for at least three weeks: the impact on your brain will surprise you!