article 5 minutes in order to live your life fully In today’s culture, everyone keeps wanting more: a more prestigious job, a larger apartment, more recognition, more money, more shoes, to be thinner, richer etc.

Thus constantly living in the future or rehashing the past and the shortcomings of our ex, we miss the present moment, the only one that really exists. Day after day, we keep thinking that when we have more power, more clients, more employees, more time, we will obviously be happier! It is only an idea, which by the way, works also with the past “when I was younger, richer, thinner, etc., I was happier”.

Whether you project yourself in the future or cling to the past, either it is behind you and you cannot change it, or it has not happened. In that case, we may talk ourselves into believing that if we work harder, become more productive and creative, the day we longed so much for will finally occur: we will experience total happiness.

Ok, but why wait to be happy?  Remember that in the real world, the true one, not the one we obsessively imagine in our heads, even if we do everything to reach our goal, we have no guarantee that this day will happen, or that when it happens, we will still be in good health to enjoy it, or even that our loved ones will still want to be with us to share that moment.

Let’s imagine now that this day so long expected finally arrives, the fantastic reward for so much sacrifice: how long will that wonderful feeling of happiness last? From now till our last breath? A whole month from morning unitl evening? A whole week, weekend included? Or a few short hours, the time the announcement of your merger and acquisition will last in the media or the time to drink a glass or two of champagne with a few famous guests? And what happens after that? Meditation helps us live one hundred per cent in the present, notice what is good and beautiful today in our lives instead of focusing constantly on what is missing. Start with five minutes of meditation each day and see how you feel at the end of that week. 

Our brain makes us feel busier than we really are. The mind functions by linking an event to the next thus creating the impression that we must always think of something [be concerned with something] and the feeling we have no time. The feeling of urgency which leads us into thinking that we do not have time to meditate for 5 minutes each day is simply an idea, a wrong idea.

Meditation for busy people: Take the time every day at the same time to be aware of your breath for 5 minutes. Focus your attention on your breath and mentally repeat with each inspiration / I BREATHE INwith each expiration / I BREATHE OUTEach time thoughts cross your mind, repeat 3 times: THOUGHTS… THOUGHTS… THOUGHTS… When an emotion rushes in, it can be mentally labelled: STRESS, STRESS, STRESS.  NOISE … NOISE if a noise draws your attention, etc. The main thing is to put one word on a feeling, one word only. 

It does not matter if your mind drifts off while meditating, the one thing that matters is to return constantly to your breath as soon as you become aware your mind is following your thoughts, without passing judgment and blaming yourself for “doing a poor job of meditating”. The mind is like a muscle and meditation trains this muscle. Like sports, the more you practice, the better you become.