article Kids & Teens Meditation of the inner island. A beautiful and quiet place. Duration: 5 minutes

Sitting or lying down on your bed, get into a comfortable position which doesn’t take your breath away, and close your eyes if you want to.

Put your attention on your breathing, if it helps, put your hand on your belly to feel your breath. Whenever your thoughts take you away, bring your attention back to your breathing. Do not struggle against the thoughts: the inner turmoil that you discover is normal, it was there before you closed your eyes, you simply did not pay attention to it. Just observe.

Observe what is happening inside you: how do you feel right now? Whenever your mind is taking away from your body, bring back your attention to your breath. Do it for 1 minute.

When you're ready, imagine that inside you there is an island, it is beautiful, quiet, free ... and you're sitting on it. From where you are now, take the time to observe what is happening inside you; just be curious of what thoughts, emotions, sensations, are arising. Try to do this or 1 to 2 minutes. This peaceful inner island is always accessible, even in times of great difficulties in your life, even when there is an external storm. This area of ​​peace is always there, the way to get there is just by taking few mindful breaths.

This state of calm helps us to deal with difficult situations that occur in our life: your boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with you, bad grade at a test, preparing for an exam, etc.

Photo: Julia Caesar