article Kids & Teens Sending positive thoughts. Taking a time to be kind and gentle to yourself. Duration: 3 minutes

When our heart relaxes, it fills with blood (diastole) then it contracts again and sends a powerful influx of blood (systole). In order to be able to do its job, our heart needs to relax and then fill up. Imagine a heart that would not take the time to relax and fill up, only contracting all the time, shortly it wouldn’t have anymore blood to send to the rest of the body, it would be terrible.

Imagine now yourself smiling, doing something that makes you happy. You feel good, surrounded by all these things that make you feel good, at peace. While you imagine being happy, pay attention to how you feel in your heart. Maybe you can feel a sense of openness? A contraction? A pinch maybe? Heat, etc.? Or nothing at all and it's ok. 

When you're ready, close your eyes if you feel like it and repeat these sentences in your head; take the time to pause between sentences: 

May I be healthy (pause ...)

May I be happy (pause ...)

May there is love in my life (pause ...)

May I be at peace (pause ...)

Notice how you feel. Was it easy or difficult? It’s ok if it’s difficult, sometimes it can be difficult because we are not used to be kind and gentle with ourselves. Practice as often as you feel like it.

Sources: Mindfulschools. Photo credit: Amy Treasure