article Take a break: 2 minutes, it's fantastic Observing our breathing guides to what is essential, take the time to pause. It will help you to feel better and have a clear mind

´╗┐Between each of our breathing in and breathing out, there is a small pause. This amazing movement that allows us to be alive, every precious second, takes a break.

Few days ago, I was on my computer, desperate. I could not find this super important document that I had to send quickly. The more I was looking for, the more I stressed, the less I found. Before, I would have stop all operations, to look for hours for this document, panicked at the idea of not finding it. In such times, the practice of mindfulness reminds us how essential it is to take a break, even a small one. As soon as I felt the stress rising in me, my mind becoming less and less clearer, I closed my computer. I went for a 2 minutes mindful walk, meaning that putting my attention on my feet touching the ground, aware of my every step, and of each of my inhale and exhale. Back to the office, I reopened my computer, in a few seconds I found the document. 

By practicing meditation even 2 minutes per day, we discover a quiet space in ourself, which can calm us, give us access to a clearer vision of things, having more appropriate responses to the situation rather letting the stress or our anxiety taking over. This also helps us to better manage our strong emotions, be more focused, more attentive to what is happening outside and inside ourself. 

With time, we become much more aware of our thoughts, emotions, sensations in the body, all those things that make us act, speak, take decisions, and little by little, shape our entire lives. The technique is simple, with patience, and kindness toward ourself, this new adventure that we undertake is very powerful, and will change our life for the better.

Ready to try 2 minutes of mindfulness?

DO NOT EXPECT PARTICULAR RESULTS, like relaxation, a trip to a different planet, not even light! This moment is simply there so you can spend sometime just listening to yourself. Put your attention on your breath, a calm but steady attention for each of your inhale and exhale. Every time your mind drifts off while meditating, it's very normal and super ok. As soon as you become aware that your mind is following your thoughts, the only thing that matters is to come back to your breath,  Don't judge or blame yourself for "doing a poor job". You are not doing it wrong.  Our mind can be super agitated with a lot of thoughts, the more you resist that fact the worse it will get. The mind is like a muscle and meditation trains this muscle. Like sports, the more you practice, the better you become. 

Take three deep breaths. When you are ready, close your eyes and go for 2 minutes. At the end, observe how you feel? Let go of any expectations, judgment, wanting something special. Just observe.


Photo: Aral Tasher