article The power of inner smile What if our inner smile changed our daily lives? Explanations by Aurélia Lanson-Villat.

Have you ever woken up in a bad mood without knowing why? One morning, twenty years ago, it happened to me. No sooner I had my feet on the floor, I was upset, my thoughts were like "All idiots, they all p… me off!! ". I remember spending an awful day, direct consequence of my morning mood. The next day was even worse, and I had a good reason: the previous day.

Sitting on my bed, unenthusiastic for that new day, a stoic challenge has dawned on me. I had the choice. I could carry on being in a foul mood and bearing the consequences since clearly there were some, or deciding to be in an excellent mood, it was in my power. My taste for challenge led me to take up this one, I would do the test: I would be a ray of sunshine all day.

At that time, I was dreaming of offering myself a perfume, but I couldn't afford it. I often went to a shop to spray some on my skin. To help me in my challenge to be in a good mood, I would intoxicate myself with this smell before heading to work, when this miracle occurred: the saleslady offered me the large bottle tester for no reason. This never happened to me since. I remember that my state of mind when leaving her was at its highest! This day was a gift after another made of joy, kindness and generosity. That is why it has significantly marked me. I felt that my inner state was like a boomerang launched in the outer world, which sent back to my face what I was sending, the bad as the good.

A few days ago, I told this story to an extremely smiling friend, who told me about a similar experience. For her first job interview, she had to travel to Paris. When checking out and pay for her hotel bill the reception informed her that her stay was offered. It seemed impossible to her, she had come for the first time in this city, didn't know anyone, and had spent the night alone. Going back to her room to take her belongings and leave the city, she discovered a note from the hotel owner. The day before he was returning from a funeral of a loved one, and was of an inconsolable sadness. Arriving at the reception, he saw her smile, that was enough to remind him how life is beautiful, and that it continues.

During one of my retreats, I heard about the "inner smile". Lying in bed, at the awakening, no matter how your mood is, smile within yourself. Take a few moments for yourself, and smile. If it doesn’t work, smile for real, do not curb anything, let yourself go to your smile, how are you feeling? Thanks to current research, today we also know that when we smile, our brain thinks it's because we are happy, and so it makes us feel joy.

Smile Meditation by the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh:

When breathing in, mentally say: I calm down my body

When you breathe out, mentally say: I smile inwardly. I settle myself in the present moment, I know it is a wonderful time. To repeat several times.