article Peace In, Peace Out About ten years ago, during a lunch, I asked my father what he thought of Peace in the World. His response was "nothing".

I had to be very young to tackle this kind of subject, getting older we no longer ask these questions, we even merely take the time to think about it. I forgot what he answered, but I remember asking him what he was doing, himself, for Peace, for making it happen? Barring a miracle, peace was not something that was going to hit us by accident. His response was "NOTHING". This is not his answer this is our answer.

In general, we do nothing for Peace. Yet we and the vast majority of human beings have this desire in common. Is this yearning so deep that we fail to hear it, between the noise of the television, our emails and our appointment with the daily routine? Whatever our response is, and what we have done until now, it did not work. No need to feel guilty, or even pouring small coins over every homeless people we meet in the evening after work.

The only thing that matters is our peace, the one we have inside, so that it can be lived outside. How are we taking care of it? How do we cultivate it every day? How do we talk to our neighbor in the underground when he treads our foot? To this jerk driver who unintentionally ran crash into our car?

Every day, we can be Heroes. Every day, we are responsible and we have the choice: with our husband, our children, our neighbor, a stranger in the street, a lost foreigner, etc. Let’s be ordinary heroes, choose peace. Should you hesitate, do not forget that the alternative is far less nice. There is deep inside you, a peace, an inner calm, a well-being that is always there, even in chaotic times, it never leaves you.

1 minute to cherish your inner peace:

Take three deep breaths. Take your time. Feel your lungs filling with air as you breathe in and retracting when you exhale. Keep your attention on the movement of lungs under the effect of your breath, the air which comes in, then the air which comes out. When you inhale again, tell yourself while breathing in: I want to be healthy. While remaining aware of your breathing, carry on and tell yourself mentally, I wish there was joy in my life. Still in the rhythm of your breathing-in and your breathing-out: I wish there was love in my life ... I want to be in peace. Repeat these sentences mentally 2-3 consecutive times if possible, closing your eyes, still remaining attentive to the movements of your chest that breathes in and out. Just observe how you feel inside. You can repeat these sentences at night before falling asleep, in the morning showering, getting into your car before going to the office, etc.

If you wish, you can extend the circle, and include the people you love: your family, your friends, even your pet, etc. Tell yourself inwardly after having it done for you: I want them to be healthy, I wish there was joy in their lives, I wish there was love in their lives, and I hope they are in peace. You can further extend it to all human beings: I wish that all human beings were happy! Feel your heart, how do you feel?