article For a better version of ourselves Summer's here! Take time to meditate to discover new aspects of yourself.

Today we know that brain is constantly changing, but whom or what is changing it? Does it change for better or for worse? Our way of operating, seeing, and behaving in the world can be substantially optimized.

The brain: a constantly evolving organ

Until a few years ago it was believed that the brain contained all its neurons at birth, and that their number was not changed. Nowadays, scientific research is proving otherwise, it is called brain neuroplasticity: there is a production of new neurons, our brain is constantly changing depending on our experiences, our thoughts, our emotions. This also means that it can be modified through a workout, just as a sport, we can develop our mind.

Train the brain: the power of meditation

One of the best ways to "train" one's mind is to practice meditation. We have been witnessing for about ten years the explosion of research and collaborations between leading scientists and so called "great meditators," people who have completed over ten thousand meditation hours. This research has shown that only twenty minutes of daily meditation are necessary to benefit from these effects; after one month there are already functional changes in our brain.

A regular practice to enhance one's self

Practicing mindfulness meditation gives us access to a better management of our emotions, enables us to reduce our stress, helps us developing a deep sense of inner well-being, to better manage and calm our fears, to improve our flexibility and our way to interact with others, among others. Such capacities depend on the Prefrontal Cortex regulatory functions, which are activated through meditation. This simple "training" has a very powerful transformative potential of our mind. These benefits have a significant impact on our personality, our relation to others, and our success, the latter depending more on emotional intelligence than on our IQ. It is a real inner revolution taking place gently within us and in our life.