Practice of Attention

Today, children and teenagers are increasingly solicited by the outside world,
including by technology: mobile phones, iPads, Facebook, Snapchat, video games,etc.
Without realizing, they cut themselves off their inner world, and get
used to be constantly stimulated, sometimes bordering on hyperactivity.
Our society increasingly stressed, does not help the child access
a space of calm and tranquility.
THE PRACTICE OF ATTENTION IS To improve their attention and concentration abilities,
Facilitate learning, strengthen positive emotions, 
Reinforce their self-esteem and confidence, 
Reduce their stress and anxiety,
Better manage their strong emotions.Enhance the management of impulses,
Improve their relationships with others, 
Strengthen their immune system, improve their sleep,
Develop a sense of inner well-being, increase ability to empathize,
Secular version of meditation, age-old practice, the benefits observed are
based on neuroscience. It helps teach children who are asked to pay attention,
how to pay attention.
This practice helps to be mindful in the present moment without judgment, instead of being constantly
monopolized by the constant flow of our thoughts, criticisms, etc. Paying attention to what is happening
within us and outside us, in our daily lives.
We can pay attention to our senses, thoughts, and emotions. This technique is suitable for all children, it is taught by Meditation And The City from the age of 5.
Artworks: Séverine Nenciarini