Aurelia is the founder of Meditation and the City, events and workshops specialized in mindfulness meditation, she is a teacher with children, teenagers, and adults, she is a blogger, and a columnist.
Aurélia discovered meditation when she was ten years old, with her grandmother, a famous Hungarian pianist who practiced it for forty years. Taken up with her Parisian life and the management of her contemporary art gallery, she gradually forgot this practice; she rediscovered it twenty years later. She has since left this frenetic life, and devoted herself to this powerful practice which is an integral part of her life. She is happy to teach mindfulness to kids, teenagers, and adults, how to be self-sufficient, through individual lessons, group workshops, retreats, pop-up events, events and parties, and within companies . When she is not working, she conducts retreats as soon as she can (Plum Village, Vipassana – S.N. Goenka, etc.).

Meditation with Aurélia is unique. Certified by the American experts in teaching mindfulness to children and adolescents, she attended for a year the visionary Mindful Schools program, focused on neuroscience. She was also formed to other secular techniques. Her approach is a reflection of the profound joy that dwells within her, it’s simple and accessible to all. What she wishes to convey to children and adults is their own creativity and wonder capabilities, as well as peace that inhabits them. She believes in building a more generous world, happier and at peace, for the future life of our children and of our planet.
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