The best approach to understand what meditation can bring into our lives
Capucine, Paris, FR
An intense experience, mindfulness gives me incredible inner strength
Juliette, Paris, FR
I left the workshop with feeling to have made a very nice present to myself
Delphine, Paris, FR
After this introduction, I know that I will not any more give up to meditate
Yannick, Antibes, FR
I discovered the beneficial effects of meditation thanks to a great pedagogy. An approach never making feel guilty
Veronique, London, UK
After one session, I awoke at the present moment
Karima, Paris, FR
A vital moment of break to give to yourself
Delphine, New York, US
From my first session, I succeeded in becoming aware of here and now, and this changes everything
Isabelle, Paris, FR
A simple approach, caring and accessible to all
Elodie, Los Angeles, US